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Flybear main products cover in 6 series

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Our main products cover in 6 series:
Series 1: High precision turned parts: riveting parts and knurled nuts、hexagon pillars
Kinds of riveting nuts、riveting screws、riveting studs、hexagon pillar、micro cell phone nuts、tapping thread inserts、plastic inserts、weld nuts、thumb screws、panel fasteners、hardware communication equipment shaft core、hardware shafts、pins and high precision non-standard parts.
Material: Steel(1214、12L15)、Aluminum、stainless steel(303、304、416、430)、Copper(3602、3604) etc.
Series 4: The special cold forging screws
Such as: Tamper-proof screws、Triangular teeth screw、Combined screws、Phillips screws etc.
Series 2: High pressure fastener series
ASTM A193/B7 B7M B16, B8, B8M ASTM A194/2H 2HM 7, 7M, 8, 8M ASTM A320/L7 studs and bolts and nuts belong to high pressure fasteners, used for those facilities in high temperature and pressure & low temperature with high pressure pipeline、chemical industry、and valves.
Series 3: Stainless steel A2-70、A4-80 studs、full thread rods、U&V bolts
stainless steel 304、304L、321、316 316L. Stainless steel double end studs, full threaded rods, the grade can reach A2-70、A4-70、A2-80、A4-80
Series 5: A4-80 high-strength and high anti corrosive hexagon socket bolts and hexagon head bolts
We usually keep the stock in the size of M6-M16 of hexagon head bolts
Series 6: Ancillary services of non-standard high precision CNC products、stamping and kinds of standard fasteners